(Redacted Name) via API

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(Redacted Name) via API
Colorfull crystal cave inside the mountain. Waterfalls are falling in, sunbeams are touching the water and crystals and reflect the light, moss plants and gorgeous flora


Instant Setup
Instantly setup your API key and start making requests to (Redacted Name).
Instant Upscale
Instantly receive upscaled image URLS for your requests.
Unlimited Generations
Created unlimited generations when using the (Redacted Name) Pro & Standard plan.
Fully Featured
The Next Leg provides full access to all of (Redacted Name)'s features and services. (Imagine, Describe, Zoom, Pan, Niji, and more!)
Multi-Account Setup
Manage multiple (Redacted Name) accounts within your single account!
Image Queueing
Use the 3 or 12 image queue based on your (Redacted Name) subscription instantly.
Account Saver (Coming Soon)
Make sure you're making requests in the best possible way to maximize usage while reducing bans.
Image Proxy Service
Use our image proxy service to stream images from (Redacted Name) to your server.
Gallery Viewer
View all of your images in a beautiful gallery viewer that's easy to use.
Webhook and HTTP Callbacks
Use a webhook, or GET a status - completely up to you!

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(Redacted Name) Management via The Next Leg

$40 USD / mnth

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  • Simple Setup
  • Complete (Redacted Name) Account Control
  • Full access to The Next Leg API and features
  • Unlimited The Next Leg API Requests
  • Receive 1 account for (Redacted Name) setup
  • (Redacted Name) subscription paid separately

Managing your own (Redacted Name) account allows for full control, unlimited generations, and exclusive settings! Standard with all users on The Next Leg!

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How to Make (Redacted Name) API Requests (Tutorial)

As a developer, tinkering with APIs and creating cool stuff is always exciting. In this blog post, we'll explore how to interact with (Redacted Name) via an API using The Next Leg. The Next Leg allows you to interact with (Redacted Name), a popular AI image generation tool, through an API. We'll use Postman to make requests, receive responses via a webhook URL, and test out the Imagine command.

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How to Make (Redacted Name) API Requests (Video Tutorial)

So today we're gonna explore how to interact with (Redacted Name) via api. I'm a developer and I enjoy tinkering with APIs and creating cool stuff. So I ended up creating The Next and it allows you to interact with (Redacted Name) through an api. So I'm already authenticated, so we're just gonna go to my account.

“I love you more than my own mother.”

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After finding out we'd implement multiple webhooks for them

Frequently asked questions

Does (Redacted Name) have an API?

(Redacted Name) does not have an official API, but the The Next Leg will allow you to work with (Redacted Name) data in a programmatic way for whatever your creative needs are.

How long does it take to start making requests to the (Redacted Name) API?

You can start making requests as soon as you start your subscription!

What is a webhook?

A webhook is a way for you to receive data from (Redacted Name) in real time. You can use webhooks to receive data from (Redacted Name) when a new image is created whether its an imagine, upscale, or variation command.

Can I use the API to create (Redacted Name) V5 images?

Yes you can! Use the --v 5 flag to create V5 images!

Will (Redacted Name) be releasing an official API?

It is expected that (Redacted Name) will be releasing their own API. In the interim you can use in order to work with (Redacted Name) data in a programmatic way!

Can I receive an image seed through the API?

Yes you can! Use the reaction command with the ✉️ emoji and you will received a parsed image seed in the response. See the docs for more information.